What is No-Tution-Fee

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The World First Institute with “No-Tuition-Fee”

What is No-Tuition-Fee?

GIIMT provides students the opportunity to receive an online courses completely no tuition-fee. It is our goal to make Professional-education accessible to all, anytime, anywhere. We do not charge our students for courses, course materials, or annual enrollment, making diploma programs affordable and accessible. Our unique online model of education allows us to bring the classroom to you----- cutting the cost for our students overall.

While it is the Institute’s mission to provide affordable, No tuition-fee education for everyone, there is a nominal Application Processing Fee for all applicants as well as Administrative and Examination Processing Fee for each exam. GIIMT will never request these amounts upfront, but rather students will pay each Exam Processing Fee at the time of each exam period. These modest fees ensure that the Institute remains sustainable and can continue to provide quality education for everyone.

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