Our Mission

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The GIIMT’s mission is to be open education to all employees, students, methods and ideas.We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality education to all who wish to realize their ambitions and fulfil their potential.

It’s simple. We want to help you learn better and faster. That’s why we designed our platform based on proven teaching methods verified by top researchers.

Contributing to the Universalization of School Education

Promote convergence of conventional, ODL and other systems to facilitate mobility of learners through credit transfer/sharing.

Providing relevant, continuing and holistic education up to degree level through Open and Distance Learning System.

In accordance with National Education Policy (1986) of Govt. of India this Institution aims to impart education to those who are unable to come out their busy schedules and unable to attend the regular classes, by way of correspondence learning.

Although GIIMT is set up as a Non-profit Organization, it is an internationally recognized social enterprise, a pioneer in making education and skills training more accessible to millions of people worldwide, in developed as well as developing countries.

Any support provided to us via donation will be exclusively used to promote GIIMT among marginalized communities around the world.

If you are a learner who simply wants to give back for the free service provided, or you want to assist our expansion around the world, we invite you to support our cause via a financial donation.


Please note that your support of the GIIMT’s free learning mission does not constitute a charitable donation, as such your contribution is not eligible for gift or tax deductions.

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